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It’s time to get creative and have some fun! We want your pictures—specifically pictures of ECS books and courses in a creative, fun, or unique setting.

Maybe it’s a picture of your adorable toddler holding an ECS book, or maybe your dog gazing intently at a correspondence course. Maybe you’re in the mountains holding up a group study guide, or perhaps you’re overseas on vacation at a memorable location. Whatever your inspiration, the main thing is to start taking some pictures with an ECS book or study course.

But wait, there’s more! Free ECS books will be awarded to the most creative and fun entries. Plus everyone who submits a photo will be awarded a free eCourse (Lessons for Christian Living).

So grab your smart phone or your DLS camera—let’s see what fun and creative pictures you can come up with. Upload your pictues using the form aread below.

[powr-form-builder id=812ea378_1478091232] Note: by uploading your photo, you agree to allow ECS Ministries to post your picture on the ECS website, Facebook page, etc.