Emmaus Missions – Spain

July 5-17th 2017


The Purpose

Emmaus Correspondence School in North America and local missionary Dan Leatherwood in Pamplona, Spain, along with CMML missionary Pamela Catalan in Zaragoza, Spain are partnering in a mission to share the Gospel with the lost souls of Spain in a short-term mission trip facilitated by ECS July 6 - 16th 2017. 

  • The 1st goal of the team is to participate in the 10-day English Cowboy Camp missions trip to Spain with missionary Dan Leatherwood. Team members become counselors to unsaved Spanish children and reflect Christ in everything they do.
  • The 2nd goal of the trip is to visit an assembly in Zaragoza, Spain and do street evangelism with CMML missionary Pamela Catalan.

The Emmaus courses will be used for follow-up with the children at the English Cowboy Camp and evangelism in Zaragoza, Spain. 

More Details

  • A team sent from Emmaus Missions travel to Estella, Spain to become counselors and staff to Spanish campers at the English Cowboy Camp. 
  • The children are usually from homes where they have never heard about Jesus or opened a Bible.
  • The reason the children come is to improve their English and have a positive experience. English is the language spoken during camp. Old West Cowboys are the theme of the camp.
  • The team connects with the campers in English using worship songs, bible verses, games, testimonies and reading the Bible at night. 
  • This is a unique mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For 7-days 24-hours-a-day the campers have the opportunity to hear and see Jesus lived out in the Emmaus Missions team.
Please pray for the campers' hearts to be opened to Christ.

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Ten years ago, Dan Leatherwood and his family started an “English Cowboy Camp” as a part of their full-time ministry in Spain.

The vision of this trip is to use the great interest of learning English in Spain to share the Gospel. Christian English speakers serve as the counselors of two weeks of camp each summer. The reputation of this camp has grown in the surrounding Spanish communities over the years as a place where children have a positive, fun experience.

The campers are generally from homes where Jesus is unknown, and most of the children have never even opened a Bible. In years past, there have been lines of parents outside the Leatherwood’s local church waiting to sign their kids up for camp. As a result, waiting lists were created for all the kids who exceeded the capacity of the camp facilities.

The need is great, and this trip and all its details are all within God’s perfect timing. Our team will be serving as staff for the third week of the camp, which is the first time that a third week has been offered! The three weeks of English Cowboy Camp are not Christian camps, however, the campground and facilities are owned and maintained by seven local assemblies, it is directed by the Leatherwoods, and Christian teams from the U.S. serve as the staff.

The English language and the western cowboy theme are used to connect with the kids. Bible verses as songs are used for sing-a-long times, biblically themed lessons are shared each day, and the Bible being read around the kids are just some of the many ways that the staff use English to invite opportunities to share the gospel. For six days, the staff has the opportunity to live out the gospel with the hope of eternally impacting each of the kids’ lives.

BONUS OUTREACH: After camp we move to evangelism in Zaragoza, Spain using Emmaus Courses and working with CMML missionary Pamela Catalan and an established local church in the city.